A theatrical memorial concert


Premiere: 29th of September 2016, National Opera Theatre of Ukraine, Kyiv


September 2016 will mark the 75th anniversary of the human tragedy that occurred at Babyn Yar, a ravine on the outskirts of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Like Auschwitz in Poland, Babyn Yar in Ukraine has become a major symbol of the destruction of Europe’s Jews during the Holocaust. It began in September 1941 with the murder of nearly 34.000 Jews and continued for the next several years with the murder of tens of thousands of more Jews, as well as Roma/Gypsie, Soviet prisoners of war, Ukrainian national activists and Communist party members from various parts of the Ukraine.

During the week of September 23 - 29, Kyiv will be the site of several events related to the commemoration of Babyn Jar. Among these a theatrical memorial concert will take place at the National Opera House in Kyiv on September 29, 2016. It will feature a fully staged Kol Nidrei by Max Bruch, Babyn Jar by the Ukrainian composer Yevhen Stankovych, and after the interval there will be an ode to the hope, to be seen in fully staged Das Deutsche Requiem by Johannes Brahms as well. Over 160 performers (orchestra, choir, soloists) from 15 countries worldwide will present these "opera's" in a staging by the Dutch stage director Annechien Koerselman and under the direction of a native of Ukraine, Oksana Lyniv, conductor at the Bavarian State Opera in Munich

The Babyn Yar Project is a non-governmental commemoration Implemented by the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter in cooperation with: National Organizing Committee for the 75th Anniversary of the Babyn Yar Tragedy under the patronage of the President of Ukraine.

07 Babyn Jar c Andrew Waller

Foto © Andrew Waller

Credits Cast & Crew

Babyn Jar Live registratie

The performance of the opera Babyn Jar Jar in the National Opera Kyiv has also been registered on the 29th of September 2016. It is still possible to watch this recording here.

De uitvoering van de opera Babyn Jar in de National Opera Kyiv is eveneens op 29 september 2016 live geregistreerd. Mocht u deze opname alsnog willen bekijken, dan kan dat hier.

Photos Babyn Jar © Andrew Waller & Anne Koerselman-Müller

01 Babyn Jar c Anne Koerselman Müller 02 Babyn Jar c Anne Koerselman Müller 03 Babyn Jar c Anne Koerselman Müller 04 Babyn Jar c Andrew Waller 05 Babyn Jar c Anne Koerselman Müller 06 Babyn Jar c Anne Koerselman Müller 07 Babyn Jar c Andrew Waller 08 Babyn Jar c Anne Koerselman Müller 09 Babyn Jar c Unknown 10 Babyn Jar c Unknown 11 Babyn Jar c Andrew Waller 12 Babyn Jar c Andrew Waller 13 Babyn Jar c Andrew Waller