Nordsee Zeitung, Sebastian Loskant, September 29, 2021

Exciting stage direction, brilliant music, great videos.
The guy with the skull mask is always there. He sneaks all over the stage in front of the town hall, even lies in wait for the queen at a picnic - the opera "Dido & Aeneas" by Henry Purcell can only end tragically. But when it is staged as original as here by Annechien Koerselman from Amsterdam [...] even death wins sympathy.
In Koerselman's choreography, black-clad, grinning skulls circled around two women or held out menacing hands towards them, at the end the students formed a procession. The story of Aeneas, a war participant and Mediterranean migrant, who finds refuge with the queen in North Africa and leaves his lover disdainfully, thus offered points of contact from women's rights to the refugee debate.
The man with the theorbo, the giant lute, was even allowed to serenade the lovers like a violinist.
The stage direction kept the two dozen choir members in motion, made them look at the screen as a crowd in civilian clothes, then again whirl around demonically in black hooded cloaks.

NZ Openair Dido and Aeneas


Nordsee Zeitung, Sebastian Loskant, September 11, 2021

Tenth graders [will] shoot [five] three-minute clips under the direction of their mediateacher Jens Carstensen and the director at Radio Weser TV - silent films that with live music will then create atmosphere on a large LED screen.
The stage director thinks the gods are always a bad excuse. I want to show that Dido had premonitions of death before. The choir and the characters in the videos represent a people just waiting for the queen to make a mistake.

NordseeZeitung 11 September 2021

NORD 24, Sebastian Loskant, September 16, 2021

Nord24 16 September 2021