Theatre is a transient medium, but fortunately the photos are still existing. Here you will find pictures of (most of) the performances, Annechien has directed as stage director, sometimes also written and/or produced in the field of Theatre, Music Theatre and Opera.

Annechien covers in her work the whole range that theatre includes:

  • She creates performances for both adult audiences and for the youth (family shows)
  • Her work is created for and performed in studiotheatres, proscenium theatres, concerthalls, on specially chosen locations (evironmental theatre) and at festivals.
  • In addition to directing actors, singers and musicians, she creates with some regularity in her plays a theatrical function (necessity) for the involved chamber music ensembles and orchestras.
  • She stages existing repertoire, and is also very experienced in directing brandnew plays and newly composed music theatre (and the close cooperation with the librettist & composer which such a creative process desires from the start).
  • Her work has played in the Netherlands and abroad, from Germany and Austria to China and Sweden.