musictheater for the young and old (6+)

Premiere May 29, 2010, Concertgebouw Amsterdam


The five men of Calefax are working in a pipe factory. Every day they do the same work and it seems just fine. The panic is huge when one day no more orders are coming in anymore. The men decide to experiment with the pipes and create the strangest instruments, which also happen to sound very nice! The orders are pouring in again and the Music Factory is a fact.

In 2012 The Musicfactory won the Junge Ohren Preis. Since then this performance in which music is the only spoken language spoken travels around the world. From China to South America. From North America to Europe.


Photo © Ronald Knapp

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NRC Handelsblad, Jochem Valkenburg, December 28, 2010

Playing on PVC pipes as if they were little panflutes. "Hey, beautiful music!", shouts a girl in the hall when the five in overall dresses factoryworkers make a great discovery on stage. It turns out that they can play on the pvc pipes which they work with as panflutes, each one or two notes, but all combined a complete piece of music. It is one of the many enchanting moments in this merry music performance The Musicfactory by Calefax Reed Quintet. In the beginning diligently and in a tight rhythm the five built crazy tubeconstruction. Along the way they discover the music, at first while improvising on tools and materials, later on their real instruments.
The children's performance for children from six is perfectly drawn up. No word is spoken, but the five musicians turn out to be talented mimes, which in gesture and music can tell a humorous and touching story about social relationships. The saxophonist of the group plays a stubborn dandy, the rest try to tame by playing. Meanwhile, music from Bach to contemporary sounds, which is played equally sparkling as virtuoso. The end is a good example of cultural entrepreneurship: the musicians connect the instruments to a device out of which cd's unroll. For 10 euros each, they sell fast.


 De Telegraaf, Frederike Berntsen, December 09, 2010

The prestigious German Junge Ohren Preis 2012 (JOP!) Best Practice – Concert for the best youth musical performances, was assigned to The Musicfactory, a coproduction of Oorkaan and Calefax Reed Quintet!

Jury report Junge Ohren Award, Hamburg, November 16, 2012

Best Practice, Concert: Winner is the Project „Musikfabrik“. (Original: De Muziekfabriek), a production by Oorkaan in cooperation with the Calefax Reed Quintet, Amsterdam

Der Preis für das überzeugendste Musikvermittlungsprojekt für junges Publikum im Bereich Konzert geht an das Projekt Die Musikfabrik des Produktionshauses Oorkaan. Musikfabrik gibt en passant einen faszinierenden und spritzig präsentierten Blick in die Geschichte, Bauweise und Spieltechnik der Holzblasinstrumente und in musikalische Kommunikationsformen. Die Strukturen der eingebundenen Kompositionen und Musikstile werden nonverbal in einer spannenden Bühnenhandlung für Kinder erfahrbar gemacht. Das Projekt regt zum Staunen und Experimentieren an und ist darin modellhaft.

Video © Calefax Reed Quintet


Romance by Beethoven

Arrangement © Raaf Hekkema

The Music Factory as newsitem on the Chinese National Television (May 8, 2013)


Photos De Muziekfabriek © Ronald Knapp

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