imageDownloadIf - as producer or theatre - you are (urgently) looking for Annechien's short biography (in connection with publication), because she is involved in a production you are presenting, please don't hesitate to contact her firstly. Annechien finds it important to deliver short biographies which are tailored to specific projects, just because she is so multi-faceted working in the field of (music)theatre. She is totally willing to write this for you. Annechien will always reply fast on your request. 

Please find below the download of a general short biography of Annechien (200 words) in 

uk icon32 English,  france icon 32 French, germany icon32German and netherlands icon32 Dutch.

A royaltyfree picture of Annechien in high resolution is attached as well.

Mentioning of the name of photographer Monique Kooijmans is required.