Premiere 09th of August 2019, The Canalfestival Amsterdam

The Canalfestival 2019 starts on Friday the 09th of August with a stylish opening concert on the water in front of the Festival Centre Het Compagnietheater. On this special evening The Kloveniersburgwal will transforms in a beautiful concert hall where young musicians will be in the spotlight. Staged by Annechien Koerselman it presents a sample of all the beauty that is to be seen on the upcoming festival

The theme of the Canalfestival 2019 Women as Treasures  is also recognisable in the opening, which celebrates the woman, and in particular brings an ode to musical women, who not only are a great source of inspiration for many but whose spirit still lives on in the music.

During the opening concert you will meet some of the Canalfestival Gusicians. Including singer and Artist in Residence Raoul Steffani and one of the nominees for the Canalfestival Price 2019.

This festive opening of the Canalfestival is freely accessible and you can attend it both from the quay as visit it per (private) boat. Be in time and enjoy!


20MelleMeivogel GF opening 2019

Foto © Melle Meivogel

Credits Cast & Crew

Musicians Raoul Steffani (Bariton), Yang Yang Cai (piano), Dominique Vleeshouwers, Arend Bruijn (percussion), Syrene Saxofoon (Annelies Vrieswijk - altsaxophone, Evelien Jansen - dance, Niek Wagenaar - dance), Anne Suurendonk - choreography), Cunana Ensemble (Mariana Preda - panflute, Noa Eyl - violin, Gabriel Barbalau - double base, Dani Luca - cymbalom), Kika Sprangers Trio (Kika Sprangers - saxophone & composition, Wolfert Brederode - Piano, Jasper van Hulten - percussion), Pynarello and Tijn Wybenga (Arranger).

Performer & Choreography Fay Loren

Presentator Dieuwertje Blok


Concept, Stage Direction & Setdesign Annechien Koerselman

Costumedesign & realisition Margot Koudstaal

Lightdesign & realisation Jeroen Smith

Sounddesign Marc Baijens

Programmer Lestari Scholtes

Executive Producer Anna Schaap

Stage manager Karsten Stouten

Organisation Het Canalfestival Amsterdam



Amsterdam Kloveniersburgwal i.f.o. Het Compagnietheater 09 augustus 2019 21.00uur


More info:

Because of the extreme weather, the opening was in the end successfully moved to the rain location De Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam.

 Tornado Amsterdam