Premiere February 16, 2020, Batavierhuis, Rotterdam (NE)


Is jazz music too? The response from Eve Gauthier, on who fictitiously the spotlights will shine in the theatrical concert by Duo IJlstra-García, would have been a resounding "yes". But not everyone agreed with her, as was revealed on November 1, 1923 when she presented her concert "Recital of Ancient and Modern Music for Voice". In that infamous concert she combined classical repertoire with contemporary jazz compositions by a.o. George Gershwin. The musical establishment was in an uproar over this. Jazzmusic was suitable for dancing, but not to be presented in a concert. That was 1923. But what is our opinion about this in the year 2020? Duo IJlstra García starts a musicaltheatrical research.

In the theatrical concert Is Jazz music too? the duo combines the diverse repertoire which was introduced by that Eve Gauthier with imaginary letters written by playwirght Corinne Heyrman. Stage director Annechien Koerselman then forges it all into a tasteful whole, letting Femke IJlstra and Celia García-García sometimes play the role of Eva Gauthier sometimes of the famous composers Ravel, Gershwin and Stravinksy. Three men who flew off like bees to the High Priestress of the Modern Song. In line with Eve Gauthier this concert different than other. No chat to music. But one in which the audience is automatically led back into the world of the past, which resembles suspiciously the world of today.

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