It is winter. Hibernum, the Snow God makes a big storm. Wanja, living on the edge of the forest, decides to hit the sack early. But just as he is meeting dreamland, there is a loud knock on the door. It is a hare, frozen to the bone, which seeks shelter in this icy winter night. Not much later, a fox and finally a bear ask for help as welll. And although the natural enemies fear each other, they must promise Vanya to keep the peace under his roof that night. Will the three wild animals succeed?

Who's that knocking at my door? is a free musical theatrical stage adaptation of the eponymous famous German picture book, written by Tilde Michels. Annechien has excitingly intersected the libretto with the idiosyncratic repertoire of the Tonkuenstler Vieanna's Trombone and Marimba ensemble.


Image composition © Annechien Koerselman

Credits Cast & Crew

Actor Paul Graf

Ensemble Tonkuenstler Gabriel Antão (Trombone), Joachim Murnig (Percussion)


Stage direction,Text & Musical dramaturgy Annechien Koerselman

Set- & Costumedesign Nina Ball

Lightdesign Annechien Koerselman i.c.w. Nina Ball

Authors Es klopft bei Wanja in der Nacht Tilde Michels & Reinhard Michl, published by Oetinger

Tonkuenstler Musiceducation Lena Jaeger

Organisation Tonkuenstler Vienna



Grafenegg Auditorium December 10, 2022, 10:30 h Moved due to Covid 19 from 2020 to Season 2022/2023

Grafenegg Auditorium December 11, 2022, 10:30 h Moved due to Covid 19 from 2020 to Season 2022/2023

St. Pölten Festspielhaus December 14, 2022, 09:00, 10:15 & 15:00 h Moved due to Covid 19 from 2020 to Season 2022/2023

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