a visual and musical journey about following your heart

Before Vincent Van Gogh dedicated his life to painting, he had all kinds of occupations. His expectations were high, he tried everything, but no profession gave him satisfaction. It wasn't until he was 27 that he found his calling: living as an artist. In Van Gogh's Way to Go! we follow Vincent along the path where his passion for art, without regard for any conventions, took him.

Reed Quintet Calefax brings Van Gogh both musically and theatrically to life. By means of projections we zoom in on the tiniest details of his art and ravel alongside Vincent with quotes from himself or his loved ones. Through diverse styles of classical music by among others Bizet, Berlioz, Franck, Schumann - pieces that Vincent has listened to himself or which were written during his life - but also by living composers, the underlying emotions will be made tangible.

Calefax Reed Quintet is developing three variants of this production: a musical theatre performance for 9+ (youth version), a staged evening concertversion for adults and an international touring production.



Painting © Vincent van Gogh

 Credits Cast & Crew

Reportage © NPO Klassiek Radio 4 / Joris Kreugel