Vivian used to be Victor, a woman trapped in a boy's body. This is her story. Uncut. And yes, that is the question she is asked the most. The hard-hitting ánd poetic performance #uncut tells the story of Vivian, a trans woman. She looks back on a transition that was not only brave, but also poses problems for her. After a long period of psychological research and medical interventions, she now is who she wanted to be. Isn't she? However, what to do with her past? What to do with the old pictures? Who was she then, and who is she now? "You're happy now, aren't you?" She often hears. But is she? In a collage of flashbacks, set against the here and now, Vivian rumbles through the emotional rollercoaster of the before and after of her decision, which was not a decision. Could not be a decision at all.

Renske Vrolijk composed the music for this music-theater performance with semi-autobiographical elements. Irresistible and unruly as Renske's musical language is, it  will be performed by two of the hippest ensembles of the Low Countries: the roaring ORBI (The Oscillating Revenge of the Background Instruments) and saxophone quartet Bl!ndman conducted by conductor Grete Pedersen, chief-conductor of the Norwegian Soloist Choir. The Netherlands Chamber Choir sings and plays the family, the judging and disapproving masses, the thrill seekers, the team of doctors in a performance that now already is high-profile.

uncut   Nederlands Kamerkoor

Cast & Crew