an interactive quest for an ancient musical treasure (9+)

Imagine: you inherit a map with which you can find a treasure that has been hidden for centuries in a monastery in Transylvania, present-day Romania. Then of course you don't think twice, but you go out together with the musicians of Black Pencil to fathom this mystery. Their instruments from recorders and pan flutes to percussion, viola and harmonica will show you the way. But be warned, the Caioni codex cannot be revealed easily: there are musical riddles to be solved and codes to be cracked.

In The Caioni Codex, the musicians of Black Pencil interactively reveal the most beautiful music collected by the monk Caioni in the 17th century. His playlist contains a colorful collection of famous works by Monteverdi and di Lasso and exciting Romanian dances that will make you swing in your seat, while the next riddle already presents itself. This is how your ears open the way to the holy grail.



Foto © Claudia Hansen

 Credits Cast & Crew

Ensemble Black Pencil

recorder and performance Jorge Isaac

pan flute and performance Matthijs Koene

viola and performance Esra Pehlivanli

accordion and performance Marko Kassl

percussion and performance Enric Monfort


Script & Stage director Annechien Koerselman

Video-design Jaromir Mulders i.c.w. Annechien Koerselman (concept)

Soundtechnics Arjan van Asselt

Organisation Ensemble Black Pencil, Almere




Almere Kunstlinie January 21, 2024


Almere (NL) Kunstlinie Februari 13, 2023

Schokland (NL) Februari 26, 2023

Weesp (NL) Van Houtenkerk March 28, 2023 Weesp Chambermusic Festival 

Almere (NL) Goede Rede May 13, 2023 Wild van Muziek Unlimited Festival

Lelystad (NL) Batavialand September 20, 2023 Cultuurplusdagen

Kortenhoef (NL) Kunst aan de Dijk September 30, 2023

Almere (NL) Kunstlinie November 06, 2023


More information: Black Pencil 

Photos Caioni Codex © Claudia Hansen

01Caioni 02Caioni 03Caioni 04Caioni 05Caioni 06Caioni 07Caioni 08Caioni 09Caioni 10Caioni 11Caioni 12Caioni 13Caioni 14Caioni 15Caioni 16Caioni 17Caioni 18Caioni 19Caioni 20Caioni 21Caioni 22Caioni 23Caioni 24Caioni 25Caioni